Baker Ballistics and Advanced Accuracy Solutions Announce The First Man-Carriable NIJ Threat Level IV Ballistic Shield –  Large enough to protect multiple armed operators from armor-piercing rifle fire, while conducting dangerous law enforcement and military duty.

Through purposeful combined development and innovative design, Baker Ballistics is proud to present a new large-sized model of MRAPS® Series NIJ Level IV ballistic shield, supported by The Reaper™, an exoskeleton load-bearing invention by Advanced Accuracy Solutions. This combination of technologies provides tactical shield users the ability to deliver dominating firepower while safely positioned behind a highly maneuverable NIJ Level IV ballistic shield, protecting law enforcement and military personnel from multiple impacts of hostile high-penetration armor-piercing rifle fire.

Baker Ballistics and Advanced Accuracy Solutions represent over 200 years of combined ballistic shield design and weapon handling experience. Collaboration of their respective fields of expertise have jointly developed this large team-sized NIJ Level IV man-carriable ballistic shield (Model: MRAPS-IV-XL), fully compatible with their new high-capability exoskeleton load-bearing system (Model: TRSS).

The Reaper™ Shield Support (TRSS) system is truly cutting edge: Lightweight, fully enclosed, adjustable, durable, and very portable. The patented TRSS system eliminates operational equipment weight positioned forward of the user, transferring it to the torso, resulting in a negative weight value remaining at the shield. Within the fully encased ruggedized TRSS assembly are miniaturized hydraulics and a weight-sensing reel and cord. The entire weight of the shield (and weapon) is distributed vertically downward directly upon the users’ torso via the exoskeleton structure. The end result is effortless vertical, horizontal, shock-absorbing shield support, and creation of an amazingly stable weapon aiming platform capable of supporting a long-gun to deliver accurate firepower upon threat.

Experienced tactical shield operators know there is a very limited period of time that personnel can support a ballistic shield positioned out in front of their body with muscular effort. Exponentially, as the weight of a team-sized ballistic shield increases from NIJ Level III to NIJ Level IV, human muscular endurance (includes the strongest of operators) to effectively handle the shield is literally reduced to a matter of minutes. The Reaper™ Shield Support (TRSS) accessory is designed to meet the muscular limitations that affect all personnel, so extremely capable ballistic shields are now able to be carried for periods of time not humanly possible before exoskeleton support.

Law enforcement and military tactical teams can now enjoy a huge safety advantage, greatly increasing their ability to approach threats during hazardous operations, such as: Team stacking, searches and MACTAC.

Ideal for moving tactical operators and teams into potentially dangerous situations, the MRAPS®-IV-XLballistic shield combined with The Reaper™ TRSS load-bearing accessory affords levels of ballistic protection previously only supplied by mobile ballistic shields requiring field assembly and wheels.

About Baker Ballistics, LLC and Accuracy Systems, LLC

Baker Ballistics, LLC began in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in New York City, by Lt. Alfred J. Baker, a highly decorated officer now retired from the NYPD Emergency Service Unit.
During his 23-year career at the NYPD, Lt. Baker was called to take action in multiple shootouts, and experienced first hand the loss of heroic fellow officers who were murdered in the line of duty. He felt compelled to use his background and ingenuity to create a new innovative, portable and highly protective armor product – a personal protective shield that would be used much more frequently than traditional “bunker” defensive ballistic shields. Most importantly, the new shield needed to operate efficiently and accurately with the most ideal first armed responder weapon, the long-gun!
Al’s idea soon came to become a reality. In 2003 Lt. Baker teamed up with Rick Armellino – calling on Armellino’s 30 years of experience in armor design and manufacturing, including his experience as former President of American Body Armor & Equipment, Inc., to assist in the development of the Baker Batshield®, MRAPS® Series rifle protective shields, and other innovative high-quality protective armor related equipment.

Advanced Accuracy Systems, LLC (AAS) was created by three former military and law enforcement special operations operator/snipers. The owner’s significant special operations backgrounds provided a rich exposure in terms of knowledge and experience in most areas of combative intervention. It is the goal of AAS to provide cutting edge support systems to military personnel and LE specialists worldwide.