The Reaper folds away if not in use. Here located in an ADA gunners rig.

Product Design

The Reaper is designed to meet the muscular limitations that affect even the strongest personnel. There is a limited period of time that personnel can support a weapon in front of their body, exponentially so when the weight of the weapon platform increases from carbine to MG. Muscular endurance is literally as short as a few minutes for even the lightest rifle.
One of the key issues with marksmanship is muscular engagement and fatigue. Once fatigue of a muscular group occurs, so does the steady control of the weapons system which effects accuracy drastically.

The Reaper System removes the muscular requirements from the shooters forearms, biceps and shoulders allowing for unlimited cover time on target and enhanced accuracy. The Reaper is particularly valuable when clearing threat areas over long periods of time.
Personnel patrolling for long periods of time can become combat ineffective, or at the very least have a diminished response to a threat. The last hour of a patrol is just as important as the first, removing fatigue greatly enhances combat effectiveness being of immeasurable value to the soldier.

The reaper allows its operator to patrol with LMG’s at the ready position and utilize the extra fire support in the same dynamic way one might use a carbine. The LMG operator can then cover target areas for extended periods from positions other than prone with a high level of accuracy. The Reaper is a force multiplier in any terms.

The Reaper was initially designed for unstable platform support, primarily helo sniping and aerial fire support. The system was designed and used by experienced snipers and has proven itself over hundreds of hours in many rotary wing aircraft

For aerial applications there is no comparison to the reaper system. Current aerial sniping and fire support positions require either a fitted shooting bar (sniper bar) or a strap system, both of which are retrofitted to the airframe.

These systems cause a number of problems both from a safety point of view and also that of marksmanship for the shooter. Both systems transfer various levels of vibration from the airframe through to the weapon system. Both systems create safety hazards on board as they create additional barriers to the entry/exit points of the aircraft. Both systems limit the positions that a shooter can use in an airframe reducing their tactical capability.

The Reaper system allows the shooter unparalleled flexibility and a distinct separation from the airframe in terms of vibration and firing positions. The shooter can attach to the airframe with personal safety strap and shoot from any position within the aircraft with complete support and accuracy. The reaper allows the shooter to quickly traverse from either side of the airframe, and to disembark if needed while picking up or dropping off troops.

Load Bearing

The REAPER design is based on combinations of engineering concepts that have been around for hundreds of years. These concepts have been refined to give the shooter unprecedented stability and quick adjustment of the firing position. The system is made with cutting edge materials and production processes to give military specification quality.

Aerial Fire Support/ Sniping

  • Suitable for Special Forces and Regular Military Unit use.
  • The Reaper System is designed to enhance accuracy from rotary wing aircraft for both aerial
sniping and fire support.
  • System supports weapons systems from AR style weapons to LMG (M249/M240).
  • Requires no additional engineering to the airframe or airworthiness certificates.
  • Allows high degree of flexibility operator’s shooting position in airframe.
  • Allows fire support to easily exit aircraft to support troops on the ground.
  • Improves operational endurance of shooter.
  • Enhances accuracy.
  • Reduces load bearing and shooter fatigue.

Unstable Platform Shooting

  • Suitable for Special Forces and Regular Military Unit use.
  • The Reaper System enhances accuracy off unstable platforms such as marine craft. (RHIB – Larger
marine vessels)
  • System integrates well with armored vehicles allowing the gunner to traverse 360 degrees and
cover areas close to vehicle. (Bushmaster)
  • Increases shooter endurance and flexibility.

Counter Sniping/ DDM

  • Suitable for Special Forces and Regular Military Unit use.
  • The Reaper System allows the counter sniper to have continuous control of weapon in unsupported
  • The system allows for greater flexibility and reaction to attack.
  • Provides instant stable and accurate shooting position.
  • Allows for greater coverage of threat area.
  • Reduces load bearing and shooter fatigue.

Approach shooting/ Over-watch

  • Suitable for Special Forces and Regular Military Unit.
  • Provides enhanced accuracy to over-watch activities.
  • Gives operator greater flexibility in choosing over-watch position whilst maintaining accuracy. (not
limited to prone)
  • Allows for greater speed of action and mobility with instant access to support.
  • Provides extended endurance when on target.
  • Suitable for Carbine, Sniper weapons and also Machine Guns.
  • Highly suitable for rolling operations and extended durations.
  • Reduces load bearing and shooter fatigue.

Machine Gun Support

  • Suitable for Special Forces and Regular Military Unit.
  • M249/ Minimi support for dismounted/ over-watch and static operations.
  • M240/ Mag 58 & Maximi support for dismounted/ over-watch and static operations.
  • Provides significant increase to endurance and user ability.
  • Provides the ability to shoot accurately from non-prone and mobile positions.
  • Allows for more aggressive/ accurate and mobile MG support.
  • Reduces load bearing and shooter fatigue.

Weapons Training

  • Ideal for initial weapons training with weaker individuals.
  • Allows unlimited time at ready position to concentrate on shooting principles.

ABAS from Australian Defence Apparel


The REAPER is specifically designed to attach directly to body armor and other military apparel that supports a molle attachment process. This gives the user the ability to combine with any form of military equipment for specific uses. The design also allows for attachment to MilSpec packs.