Advanced Accuracy Solutions was formed in 2014 by three former military and law enforcement special operations snipers with a combined service of over 60 years. AAS are proud to be retailing two amazing products that are revolutionary in the LE and Military communities. The Reaper Shield Support (TRSS) and The Reaper Weapon Support (TRWS. Through patented technology not seen in this industry before we have developed the ability to allow a shooter with any weapon system to achieve accuracy from virtually any shooting position including standing off hand. The weapons we have achieved this range from assault rifles to M240 Machine-guns and .223 to .50 calibre sniper rifles.


For a number of years now, military and law enforcement agencies have been researching and developing products that assist the individual operator with gear carriage and operation. A significant emphasis is put into assisting load bearing abilities relating to body armor, weapons carriage and backpack mounting advancements.

AAS Developed and patented the Reaper Shield Support System (TRSS) to support all ballistic shield systems. The TRSS allows the user unlimited endurance carrying shields up to and including heavy Level IV systems weighing around 25kgs (55lb’s). The TRSS has been adopted by a number of the premier police tactical units in the world. The TRSS has allowed these units to change the way they conduct clearance drills and target approaches due to the now unlimited carry time by the shield operator. The TRSS is revolutionising shield use in both LE and military operational tactics.

Emphasis for future war fighting is on cutting edge equipment that assists the user for functionality whilst reducing weight and effort, Load Bearing Exoskeleton Systems are an example.

Advanced Accuracy Solutions LLC developed the Reaper system to integrate with this ethos and to enhance the modern combative. Organizations cannot afford to miss any opportunity to enhance the combat effectiveness of its personnel. The Reaper increases operational endurance, assists with load bearing and greatly enhances shooter accuracy all of which are intrinsically linked.

AAS identified a risk in military operations and weapons use. The risk is that combat effectiveness of personnel is being adversely affected by fatigue factors when operating weapons. The risk can be mitigated with introducing The Reaper System.

The REAPER allows the user to operate weaponry for much longer periods of time and with enhanced accuracy. The ability to patrol with medium and heavy machine guns at a ready position is a force multiplier option with minimal cost outlay.

AAS Mission:

  • To provide specialised shield support to all manufacturers and shield owners
  • To provide specialized weapon support systems to military and law enforcement members.
  • To significantly improve individual shooter accuracy and shooter endurance.
  • To significantly improve tactical weapons application through controlled ergonomic carriage 
The development of The Reaper System has taken place carefully over the past five years allowing for superior engineering and product outcomes. The Reaper has hundreds of hours of operational and training employment by experienced snipers using MG and precision weapons. 
It is the intent of AAS to have The Reaper System viewed as essential equipment for the modern combative to have at their disposal, suitable across a wide range of tactical applications. 
AAS is passionate about providing our service men and women with a tactical edge that allows them to better use their modern weapons and sighting systems to their true potential.

Advanced Accuracy Solutions are happy to be associated with Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) and Mystery Ranch for all attachment systems and related apparel.

AAS is happy to announce that VATA Group is our world wide training partner and will be available for all your Reaper training needs.

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